Queen of Fabric-Silk Benefits

Queen of Fabric-Silk Benefits

There’s no fabric so loved and luxurious as silk. From Chinese empresses to Roman royalty, silk’s been known as the queen of fabric for thousands of years. But why is it that silk is such a prized fabric?

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Silk is derived from the silkworm cocoons spun by silkworms. Silkworm cocoons are naturally designed to shield the worm from common predators and dangers, such as mites and fungus growth. According to science, silk is made of strings of amino acids with the same ph level as our skin, it is naturally hypo-allergic, natural mulberry silk containing sericin, a protein that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction, which organically repels lots of common allergens. Silk is also resistant to the growth of mildew, mold, and fungi, which are common irritants to us humans. and thus is beneficial for those who suffer asthma, allergies, or sensitive skin itchy skin, such as (rosacea and eczema).It naturally wards off some of the world’s most common allergens, like dust mites and mold.

Silk also won’t irritate sensitive skin. Silk is excellent at keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Silk fabrics have insulating properties, which keeps moisture close to the skin. This decreases your skin’s loss of moisture. Silk fibers are also very smooth in texture, so silk won’t rub on and irritate your skin. These are some of the main reasons why silk pillowcases and sleeping masks have become so popular in recent years. Sleeping on silk can keep your silk hydrated and looking radiant. Other common fabrics like cotton tend to absorb the moisture from your skin, leaving your skin dry.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

The fashion industry is a major contributor to global warming. Clothing in landfills releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, when composing. If you’d like to do your part in reducing landfills, silk clothes made from natural fibers, as these are durable, have a low environmental impact, and can be recycled.

Silk is a natural material that is very biodegradable. A biodegradable fabric is a fabric that can be broken down by bacteria alone over time. It takes about 1 to 5 years for a fabric made out of 100% silk to decompose, depending on the conditions. This is much faster than polyester, for example, can take up to 200 years to decompose. Polyester is often used to make imitation silk, marketed as just ‘satin’.

After its useful life, silk fabrics can find new purposes as soil or mulch. Silk is compostable, so you’re able to turn your old silk clothing into compost eventually. Then all you need is patience, as you let nature work its magic.

Homoiothermy and Smooth

Warms You Up in the Winter

Due to silk smoothness, silk threads can be woven very tightly. The tighter the weave, the more insulating the fabric. A tightly woven silk clothing item helps trap your natural body heat next to your skin. The combination of silk fabric’s tight weave, along with its natural properties, makes for a very insulating fabric that can keep you warm in the winter.

Keeps You Cool in the Summer

Other than keeping you warm in the winter, silk clothing can also keep you cool in the summer. Silk is capable of absorbing anywhere between 10-30 percent of its weight in moisture. This makes silk a moderately breathable fabric. Silk is also very lightweight and thin, also perfect for traveling, as it barely takes up any space or weight in your suitcase., which is a great help in keeping you cool. Loose-fitting silk clothes and accessories like silk scarves are great to wear in the summer.

The temperature regulating properties of the silk textile like pajamas bedding pillowcase allows you to keep cool at all times during the night without the discomfort associated with fluctuating temperature and the constant tossing and turning for restful night sleep.

Reduce Hair Breakage

The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction which often causes damage, such as split ends. Silk also does not strip off your hair's natural oils like cotton does, and helps with retaining hydration. Hence, you'll wake up with nourished, tangle-free hair instead of fragile hair!

With beneficial properties, a natural sheen, and a supremely soft touch, our silk collection now includes pillowcases for the family, beautiful scrunchies for your hair, and camisoles for a night of better sleep. You will feel comfortable all day long.

Durable, Luxurious, Shiny and Soft

Other than being a durable fabric can make armor and parachutes that’s not only good for the environment but also your skin, silk is simply beautiful to look at. There is no other fabric on this earth that can compare to silk’s luxurious appearance and feel.

Silk fabrics have a beautiful sheen. The shape of a silk fiber refracts light at different angles, which gives it a shimmering appearance. The shine of a silk fabric also depends on the weaving or production method used on the silk. Silk is a wonderfully versatile material, which can be woven into many different weaves. Silk satin, also called silk charmeuse, is the glossiest of the weaves.

Silk also has other qualities that are ideal for the fashion industry. For example, silk clothing has vibrant colors, as silk can very easily absorb dyes. Silk also has a beautiful drape that can be used to create beautiful gowns and other designs. Its beautiful drape makes silk clothing flattering on the body.

Thanks to these timeless qualities, it’s likely that silk will always remain the most loved natural fiber (if not the most loved of all fibers!). Silk has made us feel comfortable and beautiful for thousands of years, and there’s still no other fabric that is able to rival this.

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Silk Sleepwear Are Women’s Best Choice

Silk Sleepwear Are Women’s Best Choice

No one can deny how women love to wear clothes that are extremely comfortable, most especially when they are getting into their bed to take some rest. Women’s silk sleepwear are one of the most preferred sleepwear of many modern women as they offer a really great deal of comfort while looking luxurious, stylish, and chic. Though there are some who haven’t tried wearing silk sleepwear yet, because they are afraid that they could not afford a material as high quality as silk, many are still fascinated by getting silk sleepwear collection in their wardrobe.

These days, you won’t actually need to worry when shopping for silk pajama sets as you can find so many silk sleepwear that cost affordably available in the market, meaning you can now enjoy the fabric no matter what your budget is.


Having a good sleep is now not a trouble if you wear silk sleepwear. They are lightweight, soft, and contribute towards a better night’s sleep. You won’t even feel like you are wearing them. They are not irritating and itchy like the typical sleepwear we used to wear. A good pair of silk sleepwear will also allow you to move freely in your sleep without any restraint or constriction. Also, silk sleepwear can keep you cool and help reduce unpleasant perspiration. Truly, we can say that mulberry silk sleepwear can help us look good, feel better, and are undeniably a special experience that we should not be missing.

So for extremely stylish and comfortable sleepwear, discount silk sleepwear are a must-buy! Once you have slept in silk you surely won’t go back to your casual sleepwear. We spend a lot of time in bed and we deserve our rest so why not make it special and treat yourself to quality silk sleepwear?

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About Silk Fabrics

The real silk fabric is pure white woven mulberry silk fabric, which is woven with twill weave. According to the weight of the fabric in square meters, it is divided into thin and medium. According to different post-processing, it can be divided into dyeing and printing. Its texture is soft and smooth, the hand feels soft and light, the colors are colorful, and it is cool and comfortable to wear. Mainly used as summer shirts, pajamas, dress fabrics and headscarves, etc.

Silk Fabric Characteristics

1. Comfortability

Real silk is composed of protein fibers and has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. In addition to its smooth surface, its frictional stimulation coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%. Therefore, when our delicate skin meets the smooth and delicate silk, it will take care of every inch of our skin with its unique soft texture, following the curves of the human body.

2. Good Moisture Absorption & Desorption

Silk protein fiber is rich in many hydrophilic groups such as amine groups (-CHNH) and amino groups (-NH2), and because of its porosity, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, so it can absorb water or emit water in the air, and Keep a certain amount of moisture. Under normal temperature, it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture without making the skin too dry; wearing in summer, it can quickly dissipate sweat and heat from the human body, making people feel extremely cool. It is precisely because of this performance that silk fabrics are more suitable for direct contact with human skin. Therefore, people regard silk clothing as one of the necessary summer clothes.

Silk not only has better heat dissipation performance, but also good warmth retention. Its thermal insulation is due to its porous fiber structure. There are many very fine fibers in a silk fiber, and these fine fibers are composed of even finer fibers. Therefore, more than 38% of the seemingly solid silk is actually hollow, and there is a large amount of air in these gaps. This air prevents the dissipation of heat and makes the silk have good warmth retention.

3. Sound Absorption, Dust Absorption & Heat Resistance

Silk fabric has a high porosity, so it has good sound absorption and air absorption, so in addition to making clothing, it can also be used for interior decoration, such as silk carpets, tapestries, curtains, wall coverings, etc. Decorating the room with silk ornaments can not only make the room dust-free, but also keep the room quiet. Because silk has moisture absorption, moisture release properties, moisture retention, air absorption and porosity, it can also adjust indoor temperature and humidity, and can absorb harmful gases, dust, and microorganisms. In addition, silk fibers have low thermal denaturation and are relatively heat-resistant. When it is heated to 100°C, only about 5~8% is embrittled, and the thermal deflection of most synthetic fibers is 4~5 times larger than that of silk. The burning temperature of silk is 300~400℃, which is a flame-retardant fiber, while the burning temperature of synthetic fiber is 200~2600C, which is flammable and easy to melt. Therefore, the use of silk fiber as a raw material for interior decoration can not only play a role in sound absorption, dust absorption, and heat preservation, but also play a flame retardant function.

4. Anti-UV

The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet light, so silk has a good anti-ultraviolet function. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to human skin. Of course, after silk absorbs ultraviolet rays, it undergoes a chemical change, so that silk fabrics are prone to yellowing under sunlight.

Identification Method

1. Price

The price of real silk fabric is about twice that of chemical fiber and artificial silk satin.

2. Luster & Feel

Spread the sample flat to observe its appearance. The pure silk has light-absorbing properties, looks smooth and does not have a mirror surface. It has a soft luster, pearly light, soft and elegant hand feeling, dense silk threads, and wrinkles when grasped by hand. The higher the purity and the density The larger the silk, the better the hand feel; although the silk fabric has been de-hardened, the hand feel is softer, but the silk surface is dark and no pearl luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright and dazzling, and the hand feels firmer. In addition, silk products should have a slightly scratchy feel, and rubbing the two layers of fabric will produce a “silk humming” sound, while fabrics made of other raw materials do not.

3.Burn Test

Pull out part of the yarn to burn, the real silk can’t see the open flame, it has the smell of burning hair, the silk gray becomes black particles, which can be crushed by hand.

The synthetics silk will catch fire and smell of plastic, fiber may shrink from the flame, melt, and can drip leaving a hard plastic-like bead.

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Silk fabric tends to shrink about 1-2cm after washing. If you want to make silk clothes out of a piece of silk fabric, your need to know how to pre-shrink silk fabrics.

Silk Fabric Shrinkage Rate 
Name & Shrinkage Rate
Silk Habotai 3-6%
Silk Organza 3-5%
Silk Georgette 13-15%
Silk Crepe de Chine 9-12%
Silk Heavy Crepe 9-13%
Silk Crinkle GGT 18-23%
Silk Crepe Satin 4-6%
Silk Twill 4-6%
Silk Taffeta 1-2%
The above is the shrinkage rate of silk fabrics after finishing with ordinary shrinking machine when the silk fabric has not been preshrunk.
If pre-shrinking is done according to the upper limit of shrinkage rate, the shrinkage rate of silk fabric after wash won’t exceed 2%.
If pre-shrinking is performed according to the upper limit of shrinkage rate, the shrinkage rate of silk fabric after wash won’t exceed 1%.
If pre-shrinking is done according to the upper limit of the shrinkage rate, the width of the fabric will also shrink accordingly. For example , silk georgette, after pre-shrinking according to the upper limit of the shrinkage rate, its width will be 105 cm (original width is 114 cm).

How to Prevent Silk Fabrics from Shrinking
1. Remove dust or colored miscellaneous threads from silk fabric.
2. Put some salt in cold water at a ratio of 0.2 grams per meter silk fabric
3. Gently soak the silk fabric for 10-15 minutes to preserve the color and          prevent the fabric from hardening.

4. It needs to be rinsed several times with clean water; gently rub it with your hands when washing, and do not twist it with force after washing to avoid wrinkles.
5. In order to keep the silk bright and soft, you can add a few drops of white vinegar during the final rinse.

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Say hello to refreshing and easy mornings with DaisySilk’s hair cap! These hair caps will keep your blowout and the moisture in place all through the night, so you could get a restful sleep without having to worry about the frizz or the dents. Not only are they made from 100% Mulberry Silk, but they also provide maximum comfort with the elasticized band that won’t slip off your head or irritate it.


Let Us Take Care Of Your Worries:
Sleeping should be YOUR time to rest and rejuvenate. It shouldn’t have to be so hard or worrisome, especially about your hair. With our new Daisy Silk caps, all these worries will completely vanish as our silk caps will be working all night to keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free the next morning. Due to our Silk caps being created from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, they will protect your hair from becoming dry from friction that’s generated from your hair and your moisture absorbing pillows like cotton. It’ll also keep in all your hair treatments, oils, and serums locked in place, so you won’t need to worry about anything spilling during your comfortable sleep. Get yours today, so you can say goodbye to tangles and worries!

Ready To Go The Next Morning:
Not only does our silk cap keep your hair healthy and nourished, it also keeps your hair do’s the night before in place during the night. It helps retain the style and volume! That means you don’t need to wake up earlier in the mornings sluggish to do your hair since you could do it the night before and sleep in. Furthermore, if you’ve gotten a blowout the day before, wear our caps so they look like you just stepped out of the salon in the mornings. The Silk cap will prolong your hairstyle overnight while you get to toss and turn as much as you want. Start your mornings feeling good about yourself and your hair! 

Your New Favorite Accessory: 
Are you ready to hear the best part? Our silk caps can be used outside the bedroom too! It can be incorporated into your beauty routine and travel experiences. While you’re doing your makeup, get your hair out of the way of your face with our cap at the same time keeping your hairstyle in place and ready once you’re done. Additionally, silk caps are going to be your favorite newest travel accessory! They will keep your hair luscious and moisturized when you’re either high up in the air or sleeping in a hotel, so you can be looking your best at all times and anywhere in the world.

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Create the perfect autumn look with our favorite hair accessory!

Not only are silk scrunchies stylish, they’re also good for your hair and versatile for any look you want to achieve.

Put up your hair in a bun, pineapple, low pony, half-up-half-down, there are so many options, or even wear it as an accessory on your wrist!

DaisySilk scrunchies won’t cause damage to your hair; they won’t tug or pull or leave dents in your hair like traditional hair ties.

Say goodbye to frizz and breakage with our silk scrunchies.

❤️ Keep your hair tamed without the damage.

Scroll through below to see our favorite autumn hairstyle looks featuring our silk scrunchies and accessories!

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Why Silk Is So Expensive

Why Silk Is So Expensive

A set of silk bedding usually costs hundreds of dollars, and everyone knows that silk is expensive. However, does anyone know why silk is so expensive?

It takes almost 3,000 cocoons to produce a yard of woven cloth. And, to produce those cocoons takes a whole lot of mulberry leaves: The worms grow 70 times their original size, eating 200 pounds of leaves to produce one pound of silk! It’s easy to see why silk was a luxury silk bedding set until very recent developments in production brought the costs down!

So now, you’ve known the reason why silk is so costly. Learn as much as you can to care for and maintain your mulberry silk bedding better.

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How Should I Wash My Silk Pillowcases and Bedding?

How Should I Wash My Silk Pillowcases and Bedding?

Silk Pillowcases


Many people choose to use silk pillowcases to sleep on, believing that it is better for the skin and hair, as well as less allergy-inducing than some other fabrics. Some of these claims are disputed, but there is really no harm in trying silk pillowcases to see if it is enjoyable to sleep on. If not, then no harm has been done. In general, there are few cons cited when using silk pillowcases except the fact that it is pricier than cotton pillowcases, and requires more careful washing, at least initially.

Because the pure silk pillowcases are very delicate, it’s recommended to hand wash them. Wash your silk pillowcases in lukewarm water with any non-alkaline soap. Rinse thoroughly! You can add pure white vinegar to your rinse water to neutralize traces of alkali and dissolve soap residue. To retain your silk’s natural luster, don’t soak it for more than 3-5 minutes, avoid washing it in very cold or hot water, and never use any harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners. For silk pillowcases in a dark color, you’d better wash them separately as the color can come out because of the nature of silk.


Dry your mulberry silk pillowcases fabric naturally by gently squeezing (don’t wring), roll in a towel, and lay it flat to dry. Prevent stiffness by occasionally shaking your silk pillowcases while it’s drying. Don’t use a wooden drying rack, as the dyes & finishes can leave stains.

Silk Bedding

It is true that silk bedding set are expensive and are an investment, caring for them shouldn’t scare you or stop you from purchasing them.

When you first purchase pure silk bedding set, wash them by hand for the first few items of washing. Doing this helps to preserve the sheen of the silk and soften the silk fibers. After hand washing for the first few times you can switch to machine washing if you want to, but always wash the sheets on your machine’s delicate cycle After hand washing for the first few times, you can switch to machine washing the sheets, but always wash them on the delicate cycle and never use hot water. Experts recommend washing silk sheets at 30 degrees Centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit) which is water that is barely lukewarm.

Let the 100% mulberry silk bedding set hand dry, if possible, but keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents because that is just like putting them in a hot dryer. It is especially important to keep dark-colored silk sheets out of the sunlight because they will visibly fade them in a very short amount of time.

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Before Buy Silk, You Must Know That

Before Buy Silk, You Must Know That

What Is Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk refers to the silk made from the cocoons of the larvae of mulberry silkworms reared in captivity. The entire production process has been carefully monitored. And the environment of the silkworm larvae is also strictly controlled.

These allow for the larvae to spin silk threads that are rounder, more excellent, smoother, lighter, and more uniformly colored than any other type of silk in the world. Mulberry silk fibers are also firm, easily beating steel fibers of the same diameter in strength and durability.

What Is Momme And Thread Count

During the process of silk production, the silk factory will adjust the density and yarn count of the silk thread to control the weight or momme of the fabric. 


Mommes (mm), is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics. One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter; 8 mommes is approximately 1 ounce per square yard or 35 grams per square meter. 

Thread count

Weaves of Pure Silk

Typical Momme (mm) Range


3 to 5 momme


4 to 6 momme


6 to 8 momme

Crepe de Chine

12 to 21momme


12 to 30 momme (typically used in a silk pillowcase or sheets)

Raw silk

35 to 40 momme (this is very heavy silk with texture)

Thread count or threads per inch (TPI) is a measure of the coarseness or fineness of certain fabrics, most notably cotton. While it is not the definitive measurement of the quality of silk fabrics, it is good for reference when you purchase silk online. It is measured by counting the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric or one square centimeter, including both the length (warp) and width (weft) threads. The thread count is the number of threads counted along two sides (up and across) of the square inch, added together.

Our 22 Momme silk pillowcase has a thread count of 600+ and 19 Momme silk pajama has a thread count of 400.

Normally, the higher the momme weight, the more durable the weave, the more luxurious the fabric is, the more suitable it is for heavy-duty use, and the longer the shelf-life. But the heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes. This can vary even between the same kind of silk. Therefore, it does not mean that you must always buy silk products with higher momme weight. For instance, it would be too heavy to put on 25mm silk sleepwear for the night. In a word, it is a question of making proper choices according to your own needs. Generally, all silks can be washed and the heavier ones can be washed repeatedly.


What Is The Difference Between Silk and Satin?



Silk fabric is made from a natural fiber produced from silkworms, popularly mulberry silk. Higth-quality silk is a fabric that has been manufactured for thousands of years and has maintained its reputation as a symbol of luxury.



Satin, on the other hand, is a man-made material made up of a mixture of satin, nylon, and polyester. Satin is more delicate than silk, so it needs more careful handling. It does not shimmer, but it does have a glossy appearance.


Silk is the same on both sides, while the manufacturing process leaves satin with a dull flat back. Satin is shrunk or Stretch whenever we just wash in hot water. So be more careful when you just washed your satin fabric. You always checked and watched the washing instructions label which is coming on that fabric.

If you wish to repose in pure luxury, then silk is the way to go. Your hair, skin, and inner natural beauty will thank you for it.

How To Identify Real Silk


Genuine silk

Fake silk


Burning genuine silk produces a smell very similar to that of burning human hair. The flame is close to invisible when burning the edge of the real silk fabric. Very soon after the flame source is taken away from the fabric, the silk will self-extinguish.

The ash from burning is black, crispy and turns to powder easily when grinded.


Most fake silk are in fact petroleum based polyester products. When burned, these materials tend to combust rapidly in intense flames, and give a smell of burning plastic.

The ash of fake silk tend to be sticky, twisted, and difficult to break apart.


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Have a Better Life in School

Have a Better Life in School

After a hectic year, back to school is finally back in session! School comes with late night studies, going out with friends, working etc, and after a long day all you will want to do is jump in bed to wind down for the night. So, the most important part of back to school shopping is making sure your bedroom feels extra cozy and comfortable, especially your bed!

To make it easier, we put together a list of bedroom essentials we think you’ll need to get you through the semester. Read below to see what to put on your checklist, Happy Back to School!


We’re here to make your school weekend even better... introducing to you, our elegant silk pajamas in many stunning colour ways.
Each pajamas is made from the highest grade momme pure silk, designed to give you the ultimate luxury and comfort that you deserve...
Our 100% silk pajamas will become your favourite at school outfit


There’s nothing better than climbing into your bed after a long day and feeling the softness of the sheets against your skin. Bedding is an essential to a better night’s sleep! Choose bedding that is higher quality, that means higher thread counts for sheets, and  higher quality of cotton fabric. High quality means it stands up to wear and tear so it will last you longer than a semester. It’s also softer and feels better on your skin!

Eye mask

Having trouble falling asleep from distractions is the worst thing especially if you know you have to be up super early the next day for school. Daisysilk Eye Mask will help block out all distracting light! Its luxurious and extra puffy filling will also help protect the delicate area around your eyes so you’ll wake up feeling well rested. Having an eye mask will be a lifesaver to get you restful, deep sleep, say good-bye to tossing and turning!

Silk Pillowcase

You’ll probably want to get as much sleep as possible before your alarm goes off, we get it! With a silk pillowcase you can wake up with hydrated skin and frizz-free hair. No bed-head means minimal effort to get ready in the morning!

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Do You Know Daisysilk Benefits?

Do You Know Daisysilk Benefits?

For centuries silk has been synonymous with luxury.

Do you know silk can improve your skin, appearance, and overall health too?

  • 100% Natural Fiber

Silk is a 100% natural fiber obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. The Cocoons are softened in water and filaments are unwound and woven together to create silk threads. It is lustrous, and smooth drapes well and is very strong. Silk takes dyes very well and can be made in brilliant colors. It’s sustainable, because it is 100% natural your garment is 100% biodegradable so you can rest easy knowing you will leave a smaller footprint on the Earth.

  • Enhance Sleep

The temperature regulating properties of the silk pillowcase allows you to keep cool at all times during the night without the discomfort associated with fluctuating temperature and the constant tossing and turning for restful night sleep.

With beneficial properties, a natural sheen, and a supremely soft touch, our silk collection now includes pillowcases for the family, beautiful scrunchies for your hair, and camisoles for a night of better sleep. You will feel comfortable all day long.

  • Anti-Bacterial&Anti Aging

Silk's fine texture makes it more difficult for bacteria and mites to stick so you stay clean.Do you sometimes wake up with creases on your face? Rougher materials, like cotton, is a very absorbent fabric that draws moisture from your face and hair. Silk doesn't absorb moisture as much, and also reduces friction between your skin and the pillow.

  • Naturally Hypo-allergic & Friendly to Sensitive Skin

According to science, silk is made of strings of amino acids with the same ph level as our skin, it is naturally hypo-allergic, natural mulberry silk containing sericin, a protein that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction and thus is beneficial for those who suffer sensitive skin and itchy skin, such as (rosacea and eczema). It’s also have Thermo-Regulating function, Breathable so keeps you cool on hot days and warm in the cold.Natural silk is rich in Amino Acids, so it is very skin-friendly and does not cause allergies and itching.

  • Reduce Hair Breakage

The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction which often causes damage, such as split ends. Silk also does not strip off your hair's natural oils like cotton does, and helps with retaining hydration. Hence, you'll wake up with nourished, tangle-free hair instead of fragile hair!


  • Feels Luxurious&Easy Care

Your skin will love the Ultra Fine and Smooth feel of our 100% Natural Silk.Give them a quick rinse in the bathroom sink or while showering. Lay flat or hang to dry.

We hope you wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful with Daisysilk!

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How Often Should You Change Silk Pillowcases?

How Often Should You Change Silk Pillowcases?

How often people should change their silk pillowcases sparks much consideration concerning health, beauty, and comfort.
While many people appreciate the fresh feel and smell of a clean pillowcase, some may miss the advantage of a proper and timely pillowcase change to overall skin appearance and general well-being.
A build-up of sweat and oils on silk pillowcases can cause bacteria to grow. Daily use causes possible allergic reactions. So you should change your pillowcase regularly and wash it separately from pillows.
General guidelines suggest:
  1. Every few days for normal use.
  2. Every day if you have skin, allergies, asthma, or other health issues.
  3. A maximum of seven days.
While sheets may be washed weekly, pillowcases should be changed and washed every few days to remove accumulated bacteria. If you have skin issues, allergies, asthma, or other health problems, you may want to change your pillowcase daily. The more frequent changes will facilitate healthier skin and help avoid oil and bacteria exposure. While you can flip a pillow over to extend the use a few more days, you should use a pillowcase no more than a week between laundering.
It's also important to have several sets of 100% mulberry silk pillowcases on hand. Failure to use fresh silk pillowcases may increase dust mites in your mattress and reduce its usable life. Buying two or three pillowcases is generally a good idea anyway since it takes a while for silk pillowcases to get washed and dried. It's a good idea to have four silk pillowcases so that you can have one available for immediate changing, one on the bed, and one in the wash. You may need more if you routinely get behind on the laundry.
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