Mulberry Silk

Your Second Skin

Silk, also known as "the second skin," is hailed as the "Queen of Fibers". It is primarily composed of natural animal protein fibers that share an astonishing 87% similarity in structure to human skin. Silk contains essential amino acids required by the human body and offers various benefits such as windproofing, moisture-wicking, calming effects, nourishment, and balancing the skin.

Silk can be categorized into two main types: Mulberry Silk and Wild Silk. Mulberry Silk comes from domesticated silkworms and is known for its good moisture absorption, high strength, and soft texture. On the other hand, Wild Silk, derived from wild silkworms like Tussah silk, Tapioca Silk, Castor Silk and Camphor Silk, has a lower sericin content and contains natural pigments that make it difficult to bleach or dye. Wild Silk has a slightly thicker and less uniform texture compared to Mulberry Silk.

Design for Natural Comfort

Among the various types of silk, the highest quality and most luxurious one is Mulberry Silk, which is also the raw material used by DaisySilk. We pride ourselves on using the finest 6A-grade of Mulberry Silk, This premium silk is renowned for its exceptional smoothness, lustrous appearance and superior durability. We take pride in providing a collection of Mulberry silk products that add a touch of luxury to your everyday life. From irresistibly smooth bedding to fashion-forward apparel, our products are crafted to bring you joy and comfort, day in and day out. Additionally, we are committed to sustainable and ethical production practices, ensuring that you can indulge in the everyday luxury of Mulberry silk with a clear conscience.

Types of Mulberry Silk We Use

To ensure the ultimate wearing experience, DaisySilk has upgraded almost all of its products to a heavyweight 19/22 momme. This higher momme weight signifies a denser and more luxurious fabric, providing enhanced durability, smoothness, and comfort. With this upgrade, we strive to offer our customers the finest quality silk products that exude elegance and indulgence, making every moment a luxurious experience.

Charmeuse Silk

100% Mulberry Silk

The most commonly used fabric on our website. It is tightly woven, resulting in a lightweight and smooth fabric with a soft and supple touch. It has a lustrous and flowing appearance. The fabric has different finishes on the front and back, with the back side lacking luster.

Crepe de Chine

100% Mulberry Silk

It has a raised texture with slight irregularities and a wavy, scale-like pattern. It has a slightly lower luster and a different handfeel compared to Crepe de Chine, but it offers more weight and texture.

Stretch Double Georgette

90% Mulberry Silk + 10% Spandex

Rooted in the fashion industry, we never cease to innovate in production and design, and fabrics are one of the areas we continuously delve into. To meet customers' demands for elasticity and wrinkle resistance, we have improved Mulberry silk and introduced the Stretch Double Georgette fabric. This advanced fabric, akin to charmeuse, strikes a perfect balance between luster and texture, while offering additional advantages such as elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and effortless maintenance.

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We only craft exquisite finest 6A-grade mulberry silk.


We are dedicated to utilizing natural and biodegradable materials,