Our Mission


We only craft exquisite 6A-grade purest mulberry silk.

At DaisySilk, our journey began with a personal struggle. Our founder, Marguerite, faced the daily challenge of sensitive skin and allergies to synthetic fibers like Polyester and Nylon. This experience sparked her curiosity and drove her to seek a fabric that would envelop her skin in unparalleled gentleness and comfort. Through tireless research, Marguerite discovered the captivating allure of mulberry silk. Enchanted by its natural grace and luxurious touch, she had the vision to create a brand which was inspired by her name in 1996 that would redefine luxury and transform the way people experience fabric.

6A-grade Mulberry Silk

Rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, we invite you to redefine luxury on your own terms. Explore the exceptional qualities of pure silk and immerse yourself in the everyday luxury it brings to your life. We believe that true luxury should be seamlessly woven into your daily routine. Follow in our footsteps and embark on an enchanting journey of exploring exquisite PURE silk. Your presence will make this journey even more beautiful and memorable.

The Journey of the Finest Mulberry Silk

Spring Cocoons

Step 1: Sourcing the Finest Raw Materials

Our commitment to quality starts with carefully selecting the finest spring cocoons, harvested during the peak season of June. These cocoons, selected and collected meticulously from all over the world, possess the highest standards of excellence. They are known for their perfectly rounded shape, uniform thickness, and flawless appearance. The silk extracted from these cocoons is exceptionally smooth, soft, and lustrous, radiating a natural pearl-like sheen. It is from these exceptional cocoons that we craft our premium silk products.

6A-Grade Raw Silk

Step 2: Crafting the Finest Grade of Mulberry Silk

We are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality and luxury to our customers. That's why we exclusively use 6A grade white raw silk in crafting our products. 6A grade silk represents the highest level of excellence in mulberry silk, renowned for its unparalleled softness, smoothness, and lustrous appearance. Our premium silk undergoes rigorous testing and meets the strictest standards of quality, ensuring a truly indulgent and luxurious experience for you.

Eco-friendly Reactive Dyeing Techniques

Step 3: Achieving Vibrant and Sustainable Colors

Reactive dyeing is a modern technique involving a chemical reaction between dye and fibers, resulting in strong bonds and vibrant, long-lasting colors on textiles. It surpasses traditional pigment printing in color vibrancy, even distribution on silk, and enhances fabric softness and smoothness. Importantly, reactive dyeing is free from harmful substances like formaldehyde, making it safe for both individuals and the environment.

Design for Natural Comfort and Elegance

Step 4: Redefining Luxury in Every Aspect of Life & Style

From the graceful refinement of workwear to the soothing comfort of loungewear and bedding, our silk creations envelop you in a world of natural comfort. Our designs are not only influenced by the latest fashion trends, but also continuously strive to improve the quality and craftsmanship of timeless classics. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure that our brand delivers the utmost comfort and confidence to enhance your everyday experiences.

Rigorous Quality Inspection Process

Step 5: Ensuring Uncompromising Quality at Every Step

From the selection of cocoons, assessment of white raw silk fabric, inspection of cutting and pieces, evaluation of semi-finished products, to the final packaging, we have implemented comprehensive and stringent quality inspections. Our inspections address fabric flaws, cutting and sewing techniques, as well as design and production errors. Through our rigorous quality checks, we ensure that only flawless products reach our customers。



We are dedicated to utilizing natural and biodegradable materials,


Mulberry Silk, your second skin, Design for natural joy and comfort.