We are dedicated to utilizing natural and biodegradable materials, minimizing waste, and ensuring fair labor practices at every stage.

Our founder's personal journey with sensitive skin has been the driving force behind our brand, inspiring us to create luxurious silk products while promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. With sustainability as our guiding principle, we are relentless in our pursuit of a better future, leaving no stone unturned to make positive changes environmentally and socially.


Mulberry silk is a natural protein fiber that forms when silkworms secrete silk fluid and it solidifies as they spin their cocoons. Unlike many synthetic fibers, mulberry silk is made from natural materials, making it a biodegradable fiber.

Under appropriate conditions, mulberry silk can naturally decompose and integrate with the environment without causing long-lasting environmental impact. This makes mulberry silk a green and sustainable choice that aligns with principles of eco-friendliness.

All DailkSilk products are certified by OEKO-TEX®, an internationally recognized certification that ensures textiles and textile products are free from harmful substances and have been tested for their safety and sustainability throughout the production process.


Water Resource Recycling

Water resource utilization is guided by the principle of circular economy. The factory is equipped with industrial water-saving equipment, and the used water goes through 4-5 stages of treatment to meet the standards for reuse or discharge.

Minimal Fabric Waste

Due to the preciousness of our raw materials and our awareness of the environmental impact of waste, we adopt a fabric sharing approach during the cutting process for both garments and accessories. By maximizing the use of materials of varying sizes and shapes, we ensure their efficient utilization and achieve a nearly zero-waste state.

Eco-friendly Dyeing Techniques

Reactive dyeing employs chemical reactions for coloration without the need for harmful solvents or additives. It operates under mild conditions, reducing energy consumption and pollution. The dyes form strong bonds with the fibers, ensuring durability and colorfastness while minimizing fading during use and washing.



We only craft exquisite finest 6A-grade mulberry silk.


Mulberry Silk, your second skin, Design for natural joy and comfort.