Silk Pillowcases


Many people choose to use silk pillowcases to sleep on, believing that it is better for the skin and hair, as well as less allergy-inducing than some other fabrics. Some of these claims are disputed, but there is really no harm in trying silk pillowcases to see if it is enjoyable to sleep on. If not, then no harm has been done. In general, there are few cons cited when using silk pillowcases except the fact that it is pricier than cotton pillowcases, and requires more careful washing, at least initially.

Because the pure silk pillowcases are very delicate, it’s recommended to hand wash them. Wash your silk pillowcases in lukewarm water with any non-alkaline soap. Rinse thoroughly! You can add pure white vinegar to your rinse water to neutralize traces of alkali and dissolve soap residue. To retain your silk’s natural luster, don’t soak it for more than 3-5 minutes, avoid washing it in very cold or hot water, and never use any harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners. For silk pillowcases in a dark color, you’d better wash them separately as the color can come out because of the nature of silk.


Dry your mulberry silk pillowcases fabric naturally by gently squeezing (don’t wring), roll in a towel, and lay it flat to dry. Prevent stiffness by occasionally shaking your silk pillowcases while it’s drying. Don’t use a wooden drying rack, as the dyes & finishes can leave stains.

Silk Bedding

It is true that silk bedding set are expensive and are an investment, caring for them shouldn’t scare you or stop you from purchasing them.

When you first purchase pure silk bedding set, wash them by hand for the first few items of washing. Doing this helps to preserve the sheen of the silk and soften the silk fibers. After hand washing for the first few times you can switch to machine washing if you want to, but always wash the sheets on your machine’s delicate cycle After hand washing for the first few times, you can switch to machine washing the sheets, but always wash them on the delicate cycle and never use hot water. Experts recommend washing silk sheets at 30 degrees Centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit) which is water that is barely lukewarm.

Let the 100% mulberry silk bedding set hand dry, if possible, but keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents because that is just like putting them in a hot dryer. It is especially important to keep dark-colored silk sheets out of the sunlight because they will visibly fade them in a very short amount of time.

September 30, 2021 — AdminDaisysilk