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Daisysilk Story

DAISYSILK is funded by Rianne. Co-founder of our brand, she has over 20 years of experience in the silk industry. She also hopes to bring noble silk products to more female consumers, so that more women can come into contact with silk and fall in love with silk. Every woman deserves a good life. We also hope to inspire women's quality life and build a better and higher quality life experience through our silk products. We also hope that through our efforts, consumers can buy better quality silk products at more reasonable prices

Made by female experts

DAISYSILK has come a long way not only in the development of our brand, but also in what we mean to women around the world. Since 2010, 90% of our professional technicians, craftsmen, operators are women. We focus on empowerment and education to help women become more aware of their work and its impact. Not only that, we know what it takes to bring equality into the workplace and are excited to do our part.

From factory to customer

Affordable, classic and high-quality silk products for all women.

low cost strategy

Silk products make you feel better and look better than ever, but let's face it. High-quality silk is a luxury point.

Our solution?

We cut out all the middlemen and create luxury products that are worth years. Silk, the queen of fabrics, is no longer limited to those prestigious royals.

Environmental approach

We have a rigorous approach to ensuring the safety of the chemicals used in our products

We use 6A grade high quality mulberry silk as our main material source. "Silk" is a natural fiber, also known as the "Queen of Fibers", originating from nature, returning to nature, natural production, environmentally friendly and sustainable