After a hectic year, back to school is finally back in session! School comes with late night studies, going out with friends, working etc, and after a long day all you will want to do is jump in bed to wind down for the night. So, the most important part of back to school shopping is making sure your bedroom feels extra cozy and comfortable, especially your bed!

To make it easier, we put together a list of bedroom essentials we think you’ll need to get you through the semester. Read below to see what to put on your checklist, Happy Back to School!


We’re here to make your school weekend even better... introducing to you, our elegant silk pajamas in many stunning colour ways.
Each pajamas is made from the highest grade momme pure silk, designed to give you the ultimate luxury and comfort that you deserve...
Our 100% silk pajamas will become your favourite at school outfit


There’s nothing better than climbing into your bed after a long day and feeling the softness of the sheets against your skin. Bedding is an essential to a better night’s sleep! Choose bedding that is higher quality, that means higher thread counts for sheets, and  higher quality of cotton fabric. High quality means it stands up to wear and tear so it will last you longer than a semester. It’s also softer and feels better on your skin!

Eye mask

Having trouble falling asleep from distractions is the worst thing especially if you know you have to be up super early the next day for school. Daisysilk Eye Mask will help block out all distracting light! Its luxurious and extra puffy filling will also help protect the delicate area around your eyes so you’ll wake up feeling well rested. Having an eye mask will be a lifesaver to get you restful, deep sleep, say good-bye to tossing and turning!

Silk Pillowcase

You’ll probably want to get as much sleep as possible before your alarm goes off, we get it! With a silk pillowcase you can wake up with hydrated skin and frizz-free hair. No bed-head means minimal effort to get ready in the morning!

September 14, 2021 — AdminDaisysilk