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Silk Baby Pajama Set Round Neck T-Shirt and Shorts


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100% Mulberry Silk

Breathable & Lightweight

Lightweight & Comfortable

Type: Baby Pajamas.
Material: 19 Momme Luxury Mulberry Silk.

Features: Satin, wear-resistant and stylish.
Details: Classic Solid Color, Designed Short Sleeves, Regular Fit.

Size (inches) 90/XS 100/S 110/M 120/L 130/XL 140/XXL
Top Length 14.17  14.96  15.75  16.54  17.32  18.11 
Shoulder Width 9.84  10.24  10.63  11.02  11.42  11.81 
Bust 24.41  25.98  27.56  29.13  30.71  32.28 
Outside Sleeve 4.53  4.92  5.31  6.30  6.69  7.09 
Shorts Length 11.02  11.61  12.20  12.80  13.39  13.98 
Elastic Waist 15.75  16.93  18.11  19.29  20.47  21.65 
Hip 27.17  28.94  30.71  32.48  34.25  36.02 
For reference only, there are errors in manual measurement.

Ultimate Comfort and Elegance: Silk Baby Pajama Set with Round Neck T-Shirt and Silk Shorts!

Experience a new realm of luxury and tenderness for your precious little one with our exquisite silk baby pajama set. This set features a delicately crafted round neck T-shirt paired with silky smooth shorts, creating a haven of comfort that your baby deserves.

🌙 Embrace the Gentle Touch: Envelop your baby in the tender embrace of pure silk – renowned for its unparalleled softness against delicate skin. Our silk baby pajama set provides a sanctuary of comfort, offering a soothing touch that lulls your baby into a peaceful slumber.

💤 Experience Blissful Serenity: Every stitch and detail of our silk baby pajama set is meticulously crafted with your baby's comfort in mind. From late-night cuddles to morning giggles, these pajamas offer a cocoon of luxury that nurtures your baby's sweetest dreams.

🌿 Nurture with Nature: Silk's natural hypoallergenic properties and breathability make it a perfect choice for your baby's sensitive skin. With our silk baby pajama set, you're gifting your baby the embrace of natural luxury that soothes and nurtures.

🌟 Unleash Luxury, Every Night: Elevate your baby's bedtime routine to an experience of luxury. Our silk baby pajama set isn't just clothing – it's a gesture of love and comfort that cocoons your baby in the finest silk.

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Size & Fit

- Do not use chlorine bleach to clean silk

- Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight

- Hand washing silk is our recommended mode of cleaning silk

- If you do wish to machine wash silk, please use Delicate Cycle and mild detergent

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The Benefits of Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is a centuries-old symbol of beauty and refinement, prized for its luxurious feel, shimmering sheen, and hypoallergenic properties. It contains 18 amino acids and regulates body temperature for year-round comfort. Wearing mulberry silk isn't just about beauty. It's also experiencing a rich history and natural benefits.

Luxury silk quality

Hypoallergenic for skin

Breathable comfort

Moisture-wicking freshness

Easy-care lifestyle

Eco-friendly fashion

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